Racing at Regattas and Heads

When racing for Becket, we enter two different types of races.

During the winter months, racing is generally timed races called “Head Races.” Everyone rows up to a start point at the top of a river, and then their boat is timed as they race back down, with the fastest taking the prizes. These head races can vary between 2 – 5 km in length.

Once the weather warms up, the excitement begins with the Summer Racing programme with the side by side multi-lane racing with heats, semi-finals, and then finals.

Racing can be in singles (1x), doubles (2x) or quads (4x). For juniors under 16, the quads will have a cox.

Where do we compete?

Becket juniors have competed at events up and down the country, Nottingham – Head of the Trent, City Regatta, JIRR Regatta and Time Trials, Leicester Regatta, Burton Regatta, Loughborough Head, Peterborough Spring Regatta and Junior Championships, Eton Dorney Lake –  National Schools Head, Warwick Regatta, Walton Head, Trentham Regatta, and the list goes on…. we are well travelled

Who do we race against?

Racing is categorised both by age, type of boat, and experience. You will race against other people that are in the same year at school. Rowers are permitted to race up one year, against older children than you, but not enter a race down a category to compete against younger ones.

The following are the British Rowing Categories for junior rowing:
J12 – Year 7
J13 – Year 8
J14 – Year 9
J15 – Year 10
J16 – Year 11
J17 – Year 12
J18 – Year 13


Coxes tend to be small, intelligent and loud, but if you’ve never tired coxing before, don’t panic – here at Becket Rowing, we can teach you everything you need to know.

Coxes are very important crew members, and and juniors interested in learning this skill rather than row are very welcome to join the club too. Good coxes can win or lose races for a crew, steering the boat through the course, and sharing the glory and medals as much as the rowers themselves.